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1. Name:Nycole
2. Nicknames:Nykki...Nikkerz
3. Location:Margate Florida
4. Age:17
5. Birthday:April 15th
6. Your Passions in Life:Life in general is my passion
7. Status:Single </3
8. Religion (optional):Catholic
10. Top Ten Music Pics: Tim McGraw,Kenny Chesney,Garth Brooks,Gretchen Wilson,Rascal Flatts,Keith Urban,Toby Keith,Dolly Parton,Faith Hill,Shania Twain
11. Stats:Brown hair (dye it a lot) blue gray eyes,about 5'3

Essay Questions:
1. What makes you a country cutie?i love country music n im a cutie! but besieds that i love the whole country atmostphere
2. What makes you unique? im a crazy girl whose definatly one of a kind..its my fun crazy/outragous personality that makes me not afraid to be myself
3. What are your goals in life? to go 2 college and major in early childhood education n hopefully move out in the country
4. Describe yourself in 5
5. Why do you want to join country_cutiez? bcuz it seems like an awesome community that looks like id be interested in
6. How did you here about country_cutiez? just browsing around
7. Tell us something interesting about you:im a down to earth friendly outgoing girl whose down for anything
8. Where did you promote our community? journal

im the one in the pink!


photobucket isnt working right..i culdnt get ne other pix up at the moment i hope thats enough if not i can try again :)

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