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1. Name: Jessie
2. Nicknames: Jess, J
3. Location: Kentucky
4. Age: 16
5. Birthday: October 7, 1987
6. Your Passions in Life: Fashion & Music
7. Status: I have a boyfriend.
8. Religion (optional): Christian
9. Interests: Clothes, Music, Movies, Bein' with my friends. . . etc.
10. Top Ten Music Pics: Bikini Kill, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, The Used, Gretchen Wilson, Sara Evans, Aaliyah, Maroon 5, Amy Dalley, Mariah Carey

Essay Questions:
1. What makes you a country cutie? I'm from Kentucky. Hehe Enough said!
2. What makes you different from everyone else? My sense of humor.
3. What are your goals in life? I want to graduate high school, goto college, preferably somewhere way down south. I'm considering Alabama. Then get my teaching degree and be a kindergarten teacher. I'm also thinking about doing something with fashion because I've done a few sketches. Then I want to get married and maybe have a few little ones.
4. Describe yourself in 5 words: Honest, Sweet, Responsible, Persuasive, Caring
5. Why do you want to join country_cutiez? To make new & great friends
6. How did you here about country_cutiez? In homegrown hotties. Sweetsouthern85 voted on me & said i should join this & waa laa here i am! hehe!
7. Tell us something interesting about you: I absolutely love the color PINK & 80's movies! hehe!

i don't really have any 'head shots' but um I'll just put a few pics of me on here for yall.

me & my bf
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