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1. Name: Dannielle (aKa Julie's twin)
2. Nicknames: Danni, Little Red
3. Location: Greenville, Kentucky
4. Age: 18
5. Birthday: 7-31-85
6. Passions: writing, reading, music, movies
7. Staus: TaKeN
8. Religion (optional): Christian

Essay Questions:
1. What makes you a country cutie? I live in the middle of no where in Kentucky... the country. And I'm a cutie! :)
2. What makes you different from everyone else? I'm way to nice, and I'm diverse. I like everyone and everything.
3. What are your goals in life? Get a good job, get married, build a house, and have kids! (in that order too)
4. Describe yourself in 5 words: Sweet, caring, kind, funny, sexy
5. Why do you want to join country_cutiez? Because I need a community that accepts all sizes and shapes, and I spend a lot of time on LJ! :p
6. How did you here about country_cutiez? sweetsouthern85
7. Tell us something interesting about you: I'm very open minded and I'm willing to try anything once. Oh yeah, and I think Julie is my twin.. seriously! :p

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